Why a dollhouse?

Do you remember what it was like to be small and think that all things were magical?  This blog is dedicated to the wish fufillment for magical thinking girls and women everywhere.  My name is Jesyca and I am a producer of ideas and concepts for girls of all ages.  I’ve spent the greater portion of my career trying to fufill my inner child’s wildest dreams-from creating a virtual East African game reserve to producing eight animated Barbie movies.  I’ve worked with academy award winning actors, prima ballerinas, and world famous orchestras.  If you want to know more about me you can take a look at Nena Media Inc.

The Oscar holding Barbie behind me was made via Barbie Fashion Designer, a game I produced in the mid 90s

The Oscar holding Barbie behind me was made via Barbie Fashion Designer, a game I produced in the mid 90's

And now I am on a new adventure.  For over eight years I have been dreaming about a dollhouse.  Do you remember your first dream dollhouse?  I’m not talking about the shoebox one you made (we all made) but the dreamy one that lived in books, in store windows, in your own imagination.  While in Europe, I walked past a beautiful mansion and in my minds eye it clicked open to reveal a jewel like interior where an ever changing array of antique furniture and lush velvet drapes could be arranged and rearranged to my heart’s content.  For me it was never about just having the house but actually “playing” house.  I’m not talking about the maintaining of a “real” house (I will save the trials and tribulations of that for a different blog) but the pleasures of controlling a beautiful environment without effort, without cost and without fear…yes fear of making a mistake. A dollhouse is about play and play is about happiness.  I love the quote from Marguerite DurasThe house a woman creates is a Utopia. She can’t help it-can’t help trying to interest her nearest and dearest not in happiness itself but in the search for it.”

Digital Dollhouse is an idea that will not leave me alone. It has caused me to travel great distances for money and research.  It has pushed me to rent a renovated Victorian as office space. Yes the picture below is my office.

Who wouldnt love working in a space like this?

An 1895 Victorian Cottage called The Waif -Who wouldn't love working in a space like this?

And continue the dream.  So this blog is about girls and women’s dreams. It is about creating for those dreams even when they are just musings in an office cubicle or sips of coffee between school pick-ups or being home after school and looking for something fun to do.  www.digitaldollhouse.com is SAFE (No Chat) and FREE (unless you become obsessed like me.)  It allows anyone to spend a few minutes (or hours) to create something beautiful without the pressures of playing a silly arcade game or answering a stranger’s text reply.  A beautiful, realistic dream house to play with.  No mortgage to think of.  www.digitaldollhouse.com


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