My life in doll form.

I have always loved Barbie.  I loved her long hair and cool clothes and the fact that she could have anything she wanted.  I played with her almost exclusively from the time I was four until..well much later.  I also loved the fact that my friend Laura loved Barbie too and she and  would make continuous playdates (sometimes bouncing back and forth every night for weeks in the summer.) We would imagine incredible scenarios for our Barbies.  Years later when I started creating software for Barbie, Laura laughed and said she thought she should get some of the profit for the creation of some of the games since many of  the ideas often generated from her back yard.

And while I know that  I never wanted to actually be Barbie, I was always interested in what type of world she had access to. My Barbies traveled and created.  They were artists and dancers and more importantly…grown up.  I felt like childhood was taking forever and I was ready to be grown up.  I wanted to do grown up things and have grown up things.  Perhaps that also has something to do with the dollhouse too.  Who doesn’t love the ability to have special things in their house?  Things no child gets to choose for real….the kitchen sink, the chandelier. You can with Digital Dollhouse.

A beautiful deep kitchen sink

A beautiful deep kitchen sink

Cut glass chandelier

Cut glass chandelier


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