I dream of dollhouse kitchens

Are there 12 step programs for people addicted to design magazines?  My heart races when I rush to my mail box just looking for the bright catalogues from which I will buy nothing.   I love to dream about redecorating my kitchen (not that I am much of a cook.) Or even just arranging my dishes (and in my imagination they are always clean and matching) just so in their perfectly nestled cupboards.  Currently we have a serious pot problem (not that kind) in our kitchen.  The pots are lurking in a dark corner cabinet, piled incorrectly and ready to snap at an unsuspecting hand should you want to umm…boil an egg.

But in my dream dollhouse I can have glorious dishes and pottery and pots that won’t bite.  In playing digital dollhouse I can arrange and re-arrange to my little hearts content.  I don’t think about things like general contractors or the fact that our plumbing doesn’t allow for more than an intermittent drip in our kitchen should the sprinklers start going.  In my dream kitchen, dishes are always new and glasses are always clean.  Take a look at this beautiful bowl from Digital Dollhouse.  Can you believe the Victorians actually mixed food in something like this? And yes this is a virtual item you can play with…not just a photograph.

Beautiful miniature mixing bowl from Digital Dollhouse.com

Beautiful miniature mixing bowl from Digital Dollhouse.com


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