Can stress survive in a dollhouse?

It certainly can’t thrive.  A dollhouse is a place to escape to.  I’ve been having a lovely time learning more about dollhouses and dollhouse sites as I work to connect with other miniature and play enthusiasts.  I’m overwhelmed sometimes about the passion it takes to create such tiny items of beauty.  Please check out some of the links.  I am also interested in how often people (adults and children) work out their stress through playing with dolls and dollhouses.  Lately I’ve been doing some soul searching and tried to focus on a moment in my childhood that was absolutely perfect.  I dont’ believe in perfect childhoods but I wanted to see if I could recall with some clarity a moment that shone more particularly perfect than others.  Believe it or not, I remember getting a brand new miniature baby doll (I was probably about eight) and creating a house for her near a brook that ran behind a neighbor’s house.  I remember that she had a blue gown on and that I was quietly enraptured by the fact that I was taking care of her and making her a “beautiful” house of flowers and leaves.  I can remember the moment with all of my senses-the smell of fresh water, the feeling of mud squishing between my fingers.  I also remember it must have been sunny (unusual in my childhood state of Oregon) and that it was the first day of summer vacation because I remember anticipating more days just like that one to come.  I also vividly remember that I didn’t feel sad or lost or lonely (though I was alone.)  I felt complete and in the moment.  Just a girl and her doll and her dollhouse.

I am trying to keep a hold of that feeling today.  Here is a lovely item for you to enjoy from Digital Dollhouse

A beautiful wood carved screen from Digital

A beautiful wood carved screen from Digital

.  No baby dolls just yet.


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