Dollhouse blues

It has been a rough ride at the dollhouse lately.  I feel lost trying to keep my focus on constantly hammering out this crazy idea-a realistic online dollhouse.  I’m lucky that we have attracted such a strong team of people and am excited about all the new features and terrific new ideas.  We are working hard on a brand new, modern dollhouse….more on that to come.  Here are some images from an earlier test on how more modern furniture would look.  Isn’t this chair lovely? It is hard to believe it is 3D and not just a photograph.mydeco_utah_chair_bkg

I also love this pillow.  mydeco_tosca_cushion_bkg

Soon the dream Victorian will have a sister house and players will be able to play with modern furniture and even “renovate” their Victorians.

But obviously everything has to do with getting traffic.  We have been seeing a steady if small increase in unique visits but like everyone we need more waves of eyeballs to make this whole endeavor work.  Today, probably because it was unusually gloomy in Los Angeles, I found myself hitting the refresh button on my user list one too many times hoping to see tons of new people playing.  It didn’t happen but as clouds parted briefly this afternoon, I started feeling more hopeful.   Tomorrow is another day at the dollhouse.


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