The flu is still possible even in a dollhouse

I am truly down with the flu.  The word”flu” seems to be everywhere today but I don’t believe my outbreak has anything to do with swine.  I’m just run down and haven’t been eating well and that will catch up with you over time.  And despite my lack of mobility today, there are still lots of incredible things going on at the Dollhouse.  We are potentially up for a segment on Designing Spaces featuring games for girls.  Development on our beach house with Campion Platt and his team continue.  We are learning so much about design innovation with Campion and his forward thinking sensibilities and knowledge of sustainable building and thinking.  It is very cool and so different then how the Victorians approached their environments.  Here is a small teaser page regarding the upcoming beach house.  It is going to be an incredible addition to Digital Dollhouse.  And when I’m able to get out of bed, I’m sure I will be doing a little dance of joy when I see the latest round of Campions, modern modular furniture.



2 responses to “The flu is still possible even in a dollhouse

  1. Wow, Jesyca, so much progress! Your post headline captured my attention on LinkedIn and I had to take a look. I need to drop everything and play some more in my Victorian dollhouse. I’m also looking forward to the ultra-hip Campion Platt beach house.

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