A quick peek at our new Beach Dollhouse

It is the beginning of a new and exciting week in the dollhouse!  We are working away at the new and glorious Beach House.  Here is a very rough preview of one of our new rooms.

A rough mock up of the gallery in the Campion Platt Beach House

A rough mock up of the gallery in the Campion Platt Beach House

The human model in the picture is about six feet tall and the gallery space is completely open to the top floor.  Obviously this is still very much a work in progress but I encourage all of you to get a glimpse of the spectacular style Campion brings to our endeavors at www.campionplatt.com.  The Beach Mansion will have nine rooms and include a completely circular screened in porch and rooftop terrace.   Players will get to decorate with cutting edge modern furniture and wonderful pieces like suspended fireplaces and tremendous modern art.

And of course we are also refreshing the Victorian with more items and a new feature-Free Item of the Day.  Each day a player logs on he or she will receive a free item to play with.  Some of these items will be available for purchase in the boutique but some of the items will be unavailable anywhere else but within the Free Item gift box at the right hand corner of the play area screen.   Items are only available for 24 hours so if a player misses a day the gift will no longer be available.  Expect some surprises!


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