A Dollhouse can be a rollercoaster….

I just knew this would happen!   Digital Dollhouse would reach ten thousand users and my mind and ego would get crazy and ask “when are we reaching 100, 000?”  When is it enough?  The traffic finally did slow down a bit which gave us a little breathing room. We had some issues with the tidal wave (though much fewer than I thought we would have thanks to Kai) and now we are back to the grindstone as to how to make the overall experience better, faster, smarter.  We cling to our improved google analytic stats (wow look at our increase of 444%!) and hope that our investors and cheerleaders understand how hard this is.  Digital Dollhouse is an infant digital brand in a world filled with ugly, free online games and stuff.  And while our traffic is slower, our sign ups to membership is still consistent.  And there are members who are on the site EVERY DAY and now own everything virtual item we have.  I’d like to feature some of their rooms here in honor of these lovely individuals who don’t know how much they help me sleep at night.  Twinky, Firefromherlips and hknutton01 you rock!

Twinky is a smart designer

Twinky is a smart designer

hknutton01 is our Design Winner today

FirefromHerLips is impressive

FirefromHerLips is impressive


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