Even a Doll needs a Vacation

We had a lovely time in Cape Cod last week.  I can’t help looking at every house an imagining what it would look like as a Digital Dollhouse.  I find myself mentally clicking on furniture and moving items around in my mind.  I sometimes think I am actually undressing rooms with my eyes as I walk in.  It must be disconcerting at best for others when I walk into their homes.  But at least I’m doing this with houses and not people!

It was wonderful to be away but naturally I stayed close to a computer as much as possible.  Digital Dollhouse has almost fifteen thousand users and some incredible new designers.  I want to create new items for them every day just to see what they will come up with!  We’ve had people create salons for card playing, gorgeous Victorian nurseries and more!  The creativity out there is shocking and like any miniaturist the patience, regardless of the fact that Digital Dollhouse is-well,digital-it takes to create a dramatic room is inspiring.

The team has been working non-stop on the Campion Platt  Beach House and we are lucky to be working with Campion, who really gets the the “home as fantasy” concept.  Every time I look at one of the new rooms overlooking the ocean or see a new piece of desinger furniture, I feel the need to break out the Mai Thais and take off my shoes.

Here is a sneak peek at a furniture item still in progress but looking beautiful and oh so different than our lovely Victorian.

Fairport Daybed from Campion Platt in Sky

Fairport Daybed from Campion Platt in Sky


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