A dollhouse wedding and a dollhouse castle

I have only myself to blame for the lack of posts.  It has been a grueling couple of weeks for me and for the Digital Dollhouse team as we get ready to launch the Campion Platt Beach House.  I have started playing with it and it is truly glorious.  If you would like to see a preview of some of the incredible design from Campion Platt please look at his newly renovated site www.campionplatt.com.  Campion was here for a visit last week and remains enthusiastic about how the beach house is looking and we had fun talking about PR possibilities.  I have not made up my mind if building a virtual house is as difficult as building a real one, but certainly this digital beach house has proven to be a real handful.

But I did have a quick escape this weekend to watch my dear friend Stephanie get married in beautiful Paso Robles.  She was married at Zenaida Cellars winery and it was fantastic.  We had great weather and I couldn’t help wondering if there should be a Digital Dollhouse winery in the works.  And if not a winery than we definitely need to give members everything to create a wedding in their dollhouse….flowers, cakes, music etc.   And if not a wedding right now then perhaps mini bottles of wine…..

We also spent an afternoon taking a tour of Hearst Castle. Now THAT might make an interesting digital dollhouse.  I did not like the interiors-too dark, too grand and really who wants to have chairs from the Spanish Inquisition in one’s dining room?  But the grounds were beautiful and reminded me that we need to plan out digital dollhouse gardens and potentially swimming pools.  Perhaps something a little less spectacular than this…

Just a little wadign pool

Just a little wading pool


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