It has been forever since I posted and with good reason.  Some of the reason had to do with the fact that my every day is crowded with tiny virtual items, animated pets and a new doll named Megan.  Another part of the my blog absence is that blogging has to become a habit or I will never do it. I am so busy living the dollhouse life that I don’t want to stop and talk about what is going on.

The big news is that we broke 100,000 registered members last week.  On October 2, 2009 Digital Dollhouse officially launched across the Mattel Digital Network-most  significantly on and we had 6000 people sign up the first day.  I thought the team might run screaming from their various virtual offices.  Especially our technology team who had been watching the servers function nice and steady at 500 visits a day only to see our numbers climb into the tens of thousands.  The site slowed a bit and showed us where the problems were but did not crash which was shocking but heartening.

Digital Dollhouse Banners on

Digital Dollhouse Banners on

As a former Mattel employee, long time Barbie movie producer and life time Barbie fan, I got pretty choked up seeing Digital Dollhouse on the same website as Barbie.  It was sort of like standing next to Oprah…but better, less pressure.  And even more amazing were the girls and their moms, streaming into Digital Dollhouse and staying to play.  The results?  Over 5 MILLION dollhouse images have been posted!  A surge of people have purchased allowances and coin cards to play with this crazy virtual toy idea.  They GET it!  A dollhouse on your computer?  Cool!

Here are some of the latest rooms including a spooky room for Halloween!

A room designed by a Digital Dollhouse member

A room designed by a Digital Dollhouse member

red bedroom

It has been a wild couple of weeks.  Digital Dollhouse is lucky to have a team of talented and very patient professionals who are willing to sit on my head if I get truly out of hand.


One response to “BARBIE IS MY FRIEND! 50,000 IN LESS THAN 12 DAYS!

  1. How can I get the Megan doll (besides buying it since it’s way too expensive)? Let me know please!

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