200,000 Members and I can’t stop sneezing….

I’m somewhat allergic to many things…most things actually.  I’m allergic to cats, horses, exposed insulation, copious amounts of dust etc.  Just now, I put on Ruby’s, our producer, perfume to mask the smell of the sandwich I ate right before a meeting and I can’t stop sneezing.  And as I was sneezing one more snarfle at my computer the number 200,000 bounced on screen.  OK, to be exact 200,0032 Digital Dollhouse members!

New Victorian Rug for Spring

But wow, despite my watery eyes and running nose because  Ruby’s delicious vanilla perfume is attacking my immune system, having reached over 200,000 people and interested them enough to create usernames and passwords and give me their emails  is a milestone!  We (our small ever changing band of programmers, artists and smelly producers) have crawled along this road for nearly two years.  I have so much to be grateful for.

So to celebrate I’ll take two minutes, to  show off some coming soon miniature items and be proud of all the things we’ve accomplished.  For two minutes I won’t look down the potential future roads of overloaded servers (great problem to have I know…I know..) but focus on our growing numbers, our new social creativity strategy.  I’ll be grateful for our families, our champions and our patient investors waiting for us on the other side.

New Victorian Painting- Ballerina


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