Getting Digital Dollhouse Facebook Ready

I never thought I would say this, but I too have succumbed to Facebook’s charms and our relationship is progressing nicely.  I used to cynically bitch about having to keep in touch with people I would prefer to keep in distant memory but now I’m in to knowing what they are doing.  I find myself still comparing my profile picture (which thank God I had professionally taken)  to the profile’s of my high school girlfriends and gushing over practically strangers’ children.

But now Facebook and I are getting ready to take the next step.  We are about to get serious.  Digital Dollhouse will (knock on wood) be featuring Facebook Connect-a lovely little blue button that allows Facebook users to automatically register to DDH without any hassle.  Even more importantly, the team (ok mostly Eric Kramer) have enabled the play area with a Facebook call.  Basically, now anyone who connects with FB connect and plays with the dollhouse can post their designed rooms directly to their profile and invite others to do the same. This is not the DDH app (that will come later) but the first step into a much bigger and quickly changing world.

This is a big social experiment for our merry band of developers and I’m on  pins and needles.  It is almost as bad as the oh so scientific game of “Does he love me? Does he love me not?”  Will people want to share their dollhouses on Facebook?  Will they invite their friends to play? And will they pay (like I paid for the photographer) to make their designs better than their friends.  I’m going to say yes.  Any takers out there? Take a look at our Facebook Fanpage (over 2000 members and growing) and hey become a fan!


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