Some ways to use Chalkboard paint

Hey all, Becky here.

Headboard by Anthropologie

Recently I have seen a big push in Chalkboard paint. The uses are endless and now you can get them in different colors and some come with magnetic capabilities.

Dining room by Faiella Design

San Fransisco Designer Anastasia classed it up by using it as a boarder with text around this dining room. A great conversation starter and is a great versatile detail that can be applied in any room.

Mini Fridge from Design Sponge

Paint it anywhere! Sarah a designer/blogger from Australia made a blah mini fridge into a multi functional piece of art. Or my favorite..

Personalized Cups

Get some glasses from a dollar store and add a swatch of chalkboard paint. This way you can easily tell your drink from another at a party situation. The Alaskan Crafter has a great how to. I love the mustache mason jars. What a clever idea.

Make it any shape.

The possibilities are endless. Let your creativity run wild. What would you do with some fabulous chalkboard paint?


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