Designing in Clusters

Hey all, Becky here.

Pete and Repeat were on a boat… Pete fell out… who’s left on the boat? Repetition of one decorative feature,  object or photo and manipulating it into a bigger more elaborate creation can be very appealing in any size space and can be done on a small budget.  For instance, embroidery  hoops can be turned into a changeable piece of art- seen here on The Purl Bee how-to.

If you have a collection of objects you could do the same.







Or you can use these wall decals from Willow and Grey if you don’t have the same massive collection of keys that I do.



Key Decals


Another interesting idea from Horchow with ‘pebbled mirrors”


Pebble Mirror


And of course my inspiration comes from my friends- roommates  frames filled with a collection of black sketches done herself.


Frame Cluster Detail



Frame Cluster


What will you cluster?


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