Classy Gothic with some Exotic

Here is a collection of some home decor items inspired by our latest design challenge Gothic n’ Exotic.

  1. Silver wine goblets by Eden and Eden would make every meal feel like a royal occasion.
  2. One or a set of Brocades high gloss wooden chairs would make a glamorous statement.
  3. A collection of animal print throw pillows from Funky Sofa is the easiest way to add a little punch.
  4. A Zebra print rug from Rugs USA can pull the room together like  no other way.
  5. Skull and cross utensils  by FoldedPig gives you a sophisticated touch of Halloween
  6. A large black mirror  from Chandeliers and Mirrors has such presence and would be great for an entryway.



One response to “Classy Gothic with some Exotic

  1. Love the post title – those are the the perfect words to categorize the selections you posted. I’m particularly fond of #2. It’s so bold, and pretty.

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