Pillow Party Design Winners

Congrats to all! We had some great designs.

Winner of  the Metalic Flower Pillow is Debm992000

“This beach house is full of life! The choice in color and flooring materials are perfect for the beach. Light, airy and spacious is the feeling that I get from these rooms. I really like how the designer accentuated the view of the ocean by framing the windows with tasteful window coverings. I could definitely spend the weekend here!” – Jami

“Careful attention to detail was definitely first and foremost in this Victorian! Color, pattern and accessories are key elements and were perfectly implemented throughout the entire home. I really like how each room has their own bold color choice, yet the whole house has a cohesive look that flows nicely. Great job!”- Jami

Winner of the Zebra Print Pillow is Melissa Koski
“I love this room! I could just imagine myself with a bunch of girlfriends giving each other pedicures and sipping on cocktails in this space! The animal print is a bold choice and the space planning was thoughtfully laid out. This is a fun and inviting room and I could spend hours here!”- Jami

And Community Winner is CathyRitz
“I was immediately attracted to this space! I love her choice of color. The blues and greens really pop against the dramatic black walls. I love the extra added drama with the zebra stripes and chandelier.”- Jami

Thank you again to our Guest Judge Jami and our Sponsors Pillow Decor for helping out with this contest! Check back  for new prizes and guest Judges.

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