Floral B&B Design Winners

Congrats to all the winners and to all who designed some amazing rooms.

Winner of the Herb Pot Duo from Greener Grass Design:

Hacienda Floral B&B by Drilllady

“I loved the modern, open feel of this. The multiple hanging light fixtures in the middle room, was a great way to handle that large space.” Words from our Guest Judge, Megan


Floral Bed and Breakfast by Monobulle

“I’m always a sucker for eclectic with a touch of ethnic. I like the bright, festive colors as well. I think this mixing up of patterns works because of the symmetry of the layout. I love the desk looking out to the ocean.” Said by Megan

Guest Room 1A by iluvsparkles

“I have a feeling, in real life, the fabric choice in this room would be something really amazing and fresh. I personally don’t like a Victorian to feel old and dusty. I like the idea of bringing  in an updated fabric that doesn’t look ‘Victorian’ but rather uses the concept behind the Victoria Design era.” Said by Megan

Thanks again to our Judge and our Sponsor for making this a fantastic giveaway. More to come!




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