Friday Fix-Ups: Mantels Part 2

Traditional  holiday folklore says that ones stocking needs to be hung by the mantel with care – but what if you don’t have one? This was a concerning thought for me when I was little. I’ve rounded up some  alternatives if you don’t have a fireplace.

Hang it 1, Stairs: Although this idea is still limiting to people who have a second floor it does display the stockings nicely.

Hang it 2, Branch: Hang the decoreations on a large branch with many limbs to get a great holiday decoration piece for your wall. Spray paint it silver with glitter for some extra bling. I Love this idea even more if you don’t have a tree. Bring some nature into you house.

via Apt Therapy

Hang it 3, Ladder: This handy contraption may be out from your attempt to decorate your front yard – instead of putting it away prop it up in your living room and make it part of your decor.  This way it will it’s looks like you meant to leave the ladder out instead of forgetting to put it away.

via Country Home

Hang it – no – Place it 4, Boots: Collect all the bright wellies from your family and stack them by the door or tree. This is such cute modernized St. Nicholas tradition.

Via Suburbanazen

Where will you be hanging your stockings, my dears? Who still needs to find trinckets to fill them with? … I do!!!


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