Folded by Rules

Want to make your meal instantaneously sophisticated? Add cloth napkins. They make posters a little straighter, manners tweaked and ones elbows off the table. Don’t be a bore when setting them out check Folded Napkin for some amazing cloth origami. I’m really digging the bunny!

Crash course napkin etiquette:

  • No matter how fancy it is folded, when seated place the folded napkin in your lap.
  • Blowing your nose into the linen is frowned upon. Ask for a tissue if you want to be invited back.
  • At the close of the meal place the used article folded on the left side of the plate or on the seat of your chair. Don’t put it the plate to try to cover what you haven’t eaten.

It has been predicted that purple is going to be big in 2011. Why not try you design skills for our first contest/giveaway for the new year? The prize is a signed copy of Campion Platt’s ‘Made to Order’. Check out detail here.


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