Silver and Gold Winners

DDH community Winner ‘Golden Oscar Party’ by cathyritz

What a wonderful dinner party! The golden wallpaper brings an intensity to the room. The flowers on the buffet tables gives it a nice touch.

Winner ‘Gold and Silver Elegance’ debm902000

The focal point of this  room is defiantly  the bed! It’s so luxurious. You would never want to leave.

Winner  “Chic gold and silver lounge” flitsje

The stuttle warm glow of gold is very appealing. I love the use of mirrors as plant shelves and the pillows for valances. So creative! The touch of animal print makes this room sing.

Winner  “Silver and Gold” ritin

The grey hues of the walls and floor really make the gold pop. It’s such a fun room! I love all the different sitting areas with candles to set the mood.

Congrats to all the winners! Stay tuned for some great giveaways and some amazing guest judges. I’m bursting with excitement.


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