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Miss Antoinette Inspired

Marie Antoinette – not only a fashion icon but a lavish hostess who spared no expense when it came to her guest and their fun. Sometimes don’t you want to fill your house with a multitude of candles, sparkling crystal and dance till dawn? Who wouldn’t? The Ladies in Waiting plates are such a fun reminder of the experimental period in costume and hair and the “eat cake” print is just so fun. There are so many styles of the ‘ keep calm’ now! (check it)


Ombre all the way

Either dip dye or ombre the effect is the same = foxy.

one two three four five

With fall quickly approaching (say it isn’t so) these finds remind me of the changing color of trees. There are TONS of online tutorials so go get your dye on. I’m thinking napkins, towels, pillows – anything that is standing still basically. This means that my fam might be getting some handmade gifts this year.

In other news, check out Digital DreamHouse – design at the click of a mouse.

Beautiful, no?  LIKE the FB page here!

Rain Drops

Neither rain nor shine a stylish umbrella is a must! is a cute site that has a unique gathering of weather deterrents.  I want them all!

Zig Zag

Stripes are everywhere. Have you noticed? The simple twist of zig zagged stripes really brings vitality to a oversaturated a (at times) trend.

Blanket, Towels, Mugs

Rocking Chair

Cute update on a classic design.

So inventive. Love!

Check it out