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Bandanna attack

I love planning details for parties! The real challenge of a big holiday is not to go over the top with matching the decor. It needs to give the vibe without hitting you over the head. That’s why I am loving this bandanna inspired table setting. It so reminds me of classic Americana  as does the gingham cupcake liners. Subtle but patriotic at the same time. The metallic star plates are just to fun to pass up! What do you like to focus on when you are party planning?

Blog of the Moment: Simply Breakfast

A fun and simple concept. An image a day of the wonderful breakfast Jennifer Causey assembled for herself. Rustic and homey each meal will make your mouth water.

Images Via Simply Breakfast. Click on them for more!

Cookies in a Drawer

What an inventive idea to reuse old dresser drawers for something sweet. Style Me Pretty is a wedding site but it has a lot of amazing pictures and DIY goondess that you could work into your everyday!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Pepper in my Nose

I finally understand people’s obsession with collecting salt and pepper shakers. True you really one set but with so many great varieties – why not have a pantry full to switch them out.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Shake it s

Let the Bubbly flow!

When I think of New Years the champagne flowing on midnight (and the kiss – of course).  The question isn’t what kind of bubbly you are sipping but the vessel you cheer in the new year! Of course a sweet bite  makes everything better. Vintage or new these dainty glasses with some staple coconut rum balls will transport you to another era. These sleek steamed flutes are a never fail and who doesn’t love some chocolate covered strawberries! A masculine twist on a girlie drink paired with an in your face trend – mini cupcake and you can’t go wrong!

Retro: GlassesRecipe

Classic: Glasses, Recipe

Modern: Glasses, Recipe