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Blog of the Moment: Rose Petals and Rust

A charming blog that gives you an intimate look into her home and everything that she loves. The photos are interesting, well thought out and refreshingly taken mostly by her! So many trinkets and lovely little bits.

Rose Petals and Rust is currently having a fun giveaway with a treasure chest full of goodies for the prize. By just leaving a comment on her post enters you to win!

Isn’t this flower cover doorway  to die for? All I want to do is stand, enjoy the warm sun and smell all the wonderful blooms.

Sneak Peek of the prize you could win! Check it out. CLICK HERE!


Player Flash King gets personal

Flash King, a predominate player of Digital Dollhouse recently donated some of her amazing photography to be hung in the  houses. Her gifts are apparent and the community loves the collaborative effort of supporting each others talents.

Pink Beauty


We pulled Miss Flash King aside to get into this artists head.

DDH: How long have you been doing photography? What is your favorite subject to shoot.

FK: I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. I bought my first camera when I was 10.  Nature is my true inspiration. The colors are amazing. Flowers have to be my favorite things to photograph.

Yellow Beauty

DDH: What type style of interior design do you love?

FK: My favorite design style is Victorian. The richly colored wallpapers and carpets the beautifully detailed furniture, it is all so nice. But I also have a beach house so I like that style too. That is why I love DDH.  Everyday is like a little party when I collect my daily virtual gift. Each week I make a few rooms and always take such pleasure in working with different shapes and colors. The contest with the guest judges are also my favorite. I have won several design awards!

This design was one of the winners in the Aphro Chic challenge. I love the pops of blue!

Flash King lives in a small town in Holland near a river. To see more of her work go to her website and follow her on twitter.



Royal New Year Winners

Congrats to all the winners who will receive a signed copy of Campion Platts book Made To Order.
Words from our Guest Judge Barbara Segal ” I love this stunning oceanfront modern beach house. It’s all about the ocean view here: waking up in the morning with the sun glinting off the ocean. The bold purples mixed with the simplicity of the design is everything a luzury beach house should be. “

Words from our Guest Judge “Combined ingenuity for a perfect cozy beach home.”


Barbara Segal says ‘The extravagant wallpaper, draperies, and rug decorating in this Victorian are as posh as the fainting couch.  The balloon chairs, small tables, and art work give the room a truly Victorian air.  The room is warm and cosy and reflected an interest in family life.”


“Unmistakably graceful and richly inviting!  Don’t you want to cozy up to the fireplace in these romantic surroundings.” Commented our Guest Judge.


Thanks again to our Guest Judge Babara Segal – make sure to follow her on Twitter and visit her Blog.  Also to Campion for some great inspiration.


Floral B&B Design Winners

Congrats to all the winners and to all who designed some amazing rooms.

Winner of the Herb Pot Duo from Greener Grass Design:

Hacienda Floral B&B by Drilllady

“I loved the modern, open feel of this. The multiple hanging light fixtures in the middle room, was a great way to handle that large space.” Words from our Guest Judge, Megan


Floral Bed and Breakfast by Monobulle

“I’m always a sucker for eclectic with a touch of ethnic. I like the bright, festive colors as well. I think this mixing up of patterns works because of the symmetry of the layout. I love the desk looking out to the ocean.” Said by Megan

Guest Room 1A by iluvsparkles

“I have a feeling, in real life, the fabric choice in this room would be something really amazing and fresh. I personally don’t like a Victorian to feel old and dusty. I like the idea of bringing  in an updated fabric that doesn’t look ‘Victorian’ but rather uses the concept behind the Victoria Design era.” Said by Megan

Thanks again to our Judge and our Sponsor for making this a fantastic giveaway. More to come!



Gothic n’ Exotic Design Winners

Congrats J W, winner of the Fleece Leopard Blanket from Fine Linen and Bath!

Words form The Decorista herself

This house is just so well thought out, when I think of Gothic, I think of every detail as being so intricate and JW really hit nail on the head. So detailed and very well executed. I think JW did a fantastic job!

A round of applause is also instore for our 4 finalist and our Community Favorite.

Updated Bedroom by Aprille

“She did a marvelous job at using green and black which can be hard to pull off.”

Ultra Modern Living Room by PattiPatti


“This is straight out of a magazine. Fabulous job!”

Red Gothic n' Exotic by Red

“Red did a really romantic and light spin on gotchic that i thought was a refreshing twist on this look. very pretty!”

Jasmine Bengal Room by J w


“Now this again, was supremely well executed for an exotic room. The monotone look of bengal was gorgeous!”

Community Winner- Gothic/Exotic Beach by Kristib

Thanks all for participating! We have more tricks up our sleeves- don’t worry.