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Take 5 with Aphro Chic

Lets take a few minutes away from your hectic day and see what inspires this fixtures in the design world, Jeanine Hays of Aphro Chic.

Q1: What is your design indulgence – throws, pillows, art?

Jeanine's Ghost Chair

Modern furniture!  Give me an Eamesrocker, a ghost chair, a Saarinen table.  I will spend on it.  I love high quality items that have a history to them.




Q2: What is your holiday color scheme/theme this year? Do you have similar themes year to year?

Holiday Bling

Purple, black and hot pink.  I love bright pops of color tempered by the black.  It feels glamorous!  I love to change-up the theme from year to year.  Next year I’ll add in another color.  Maybe gold and black?  Oooh, that would be lovely!


Q3: Where do you find your daily inspiration?


I find inspiration in my environment and the places that hold meaning to me.  Brooklyn held a lot of meaning to me, hence the Brooklyn Renaissance Collection.  My sister lived there for many years and we had such good memories from our times there visiting her, spending holidays there, etc.


Q4: What designer are you always in awe of?

String Chair

I don’t know if I can just name one.  Right now I am in awe of the work of Spanish designer, Patricia Urquiola.  Her pieces are always fresh, inventive, and outside of the box.  I love when I see a new piece from her in a design magazine.  She shows us that you can always create new and beautiful things.

Q 5: What is your favorite color combination?

Golden Sheen

Right now I love white, with flecks of gold.  It feels sophisticated and glamorous.  A girl can always use a little bit of sparkle.

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