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Rain boots and Flowers

With Spring quickly approaching beautiful blooms are popping up everywhere. Even if it’s not on the trees themselves, I’m finding it more important to have fresh flowers in my house to cheer me out of the winter blues. I love the idea of using an old pair of rain boots for a vase or even a planter ( if you drill holes in the bottom). What do you think?


Miss Antoinette Inspired

Marie Antoinette – not only a fashion icon but a lavish hostess who spared no expense when it came to her guest and their fun. Sometimes don’t you want to fill your house with a multitude of candles, sparkling crystal and dance till dawn? Who wouldn’t? The Ladies in Waiting plates are such a fun reminder of the experimental period in costume and hair and the “eat cake” print is just so fun. There are so many styles of the ‘ keep calm’ now! (check it)

Bacon Bits

Anything with bacon on is good eats to me! These bacon, egg and toast cups look like a fun yummy breakfast or dinner. Click for recipe. If   you try it let me know  what you think!

Blog of the moment: Delia Creates

click for instructions!

Check out this blog if you like fresh DIY  ideas that are really cute, doable and family friendly. These knit produce bags are a great way to cut down on your plastic bag intake and will not take up lots of room in your bag.

Check out her blog here to read about her fun family adventure and crafts.

Thirst Quencher

Everyone ready for a nice long weekend! Have any plans? Staycation? I’m doing some fun day trips with some lady friends. Sun hats are going to be a must!

I am defiantly going to try this strawberry pineapple cooler. It will be a great way to jump-start into summer. Added bonus is that it looks so pretty in glasses with the pop of red. Don’t forget to add a few toothpicks with some complimentary fruit. Check here for the full recipe.   Happy Friday!