Jesyca Durchin Schnepp  – The creative drive and brains behind Digital Dollhouse shares where the idea came from and how it has developed to date.


Digital Dollhouse started out as an idea I had while visiting England in 2000.  Each evening I would walk past glorious Edwardian mansions that looked like giant dollhouses and wish I had a key to swing them open and see what was inside.  I also had a meeting at a technology company houses inside a 400 year old building that had many lives including as an 18thcentury firehouse.  I kept thinking of the beauty of those houses and how much joy people get out of decorating and redecorating their homes.  I also thought about the legions of children who grow up with dollhouses to play with as well as the wonderful design magazines people seem to be addicted to. If we could create a truly beautiful digital environment then I believed people would come and play with the homes of their dreams.   Digital Dollhouse existed originally as a site for children but it has grown into a site loved by real and armchair designers who get to live out their fantasies in a simple but effective way. Each day we give away a free virtual miniature and the site now features Design Challenges where the winners can win actual pieces of furniture and home accessories.  Our community is dictating how the site grows and we are learning more every day.

Our office is in the beautiful historical district of Angelino Heights near downtown Los Angeles.  We thought it would be fun to create online’s first perfectly realized virtual Victorian in a real Victorian.  This house was built in 1895 and is unfortunately not haunted”

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