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Another Update

How’s the new office doing? Well, thank you for asking. Earlier this week we made a major push to get things into shape for some company. This included printing out, framing and hanging art work up to the last-minute. We even got David to clean his office! No more boxes and he got us flowers for the office.

Isn’t the light in the afternoon just wonderful? I refined my photoshop skills with that bee artwork. I made sure to put little bits of green in the honey combs to pick up the colors of the bench that is due in next week!  What’s with the bee you ask? It is Digital Playspace (the company that produces DDH) logo. Check out our new website, it’s so cool!

Office Update

Office update time! It’s been about two weeks-maybe three since we moved into our new home. Paint is on the wall, carpet on the floor and a sweet summer breeze is flowing through the window. A few key pieces are still missing from the design, a bench with a fab pattern and an amazingly blue winged chair are set to arrive early next month. We are currently waiting on a fabric swatch that will be the bench to match material for the curtains I am going to make. Art is another little detail that we are still playing with. Having some ideas of what we want it to be the actual hanging will mostly likely happen when all the furniture is here.

You may remember the chair and rug from our original mood board. The chair is so comfy!

Everything has a place and is labeled. That’s the one great thing about moving. You are forced to purge and get organized!

Though the women’s quarter of the office is very nice David is slacking  a little bit. 🙂 It is very nice that we can close the door and not have to look at all these boxes.

More to come! Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Moving up Moving on

I am happy to announce that in the next few weeks our company is moving offices. Though we are going to miss our amazing Victorian house we are all excited about the fresh start. Check out some mood boards that I put together.

Already owning the light wood furniture we wanted a light feeling while still keeping a modern masculine vibe.Voting is still going on. Blue or Green?

This board was in consideration for a moment but the only male in the office said it was a little to feminine  even for him!

Plan of our office. My drafting skills are a little rusty.

We will keep you updated!

What does everyone think?