Pink and Gold Winners

DDH Community Winner  “Pink and Gold!!” by ritin

I love the way the gold drapes frame the room! and the pink drapes on the left add a beautiful touch.

Winner of the ‘<3″ pendant  “Cottage a Pink Beach” by drilllady
I love that double height living room and the way the pink and gold rooms alternate and coordinate.

Winner Victorian Room  “grandma’s room” by AnnaJoe
Love the granny chic vibe in there… The colors are subtle and not over the top, plus I love the treatment on the ceiling and the furniture plan.

Winner Beach Room “Pretty in Pink and Gold” Linny Cholewa
I like the swinging bed, the pale pink and white striped walls, and the addition of the red chairs. I thought that was an unexpected and nice touch.

Congrats to all the winners! Check out our next giveaway of a cute Cupcake Vase with Guest Judge Shameeka Ayers

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