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Double Sink

Oh the luxury of the double sink. Is there any better invention in the master bathroom?  One can dream can’t they? Make your own double sink bathroom on DreamHouse Designer. It’s free!

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Blog of the Moment: Rose Petals and Rust

A charming blog that gives you an intimate look into her home and everything that she loves. The photos are interesting, well thought out and refreshingly taken mostly by her! So many trinkets and lovely little bits.

Rose Petals and Rust is currently having a fun giveaway with a treasure chest full of goodies for the prize. By just leaving a comment on her post enters you to win!

Isn’t this flower cover doorway  to die for? All I want to do is stand, enjoy the warm sun and smell all the wonderful blooms.

Sneak Peek of the prize you could win! Check it out. CLICK HERE!

Blog of the Moment: Radiant Republic

I am loving our new Guest Judge Erika Johnson lifestyle blog Radiant Republic.  She gives you so many fresh, colorful images to gaze over. It is truly a daily treat.  Read more about her here and check out the contest “Spa Retreat” there is a really great giveaway from The Soap Kitchen.

Cute image that caught my eye on her blog. Check out her blog, like her on facebook… you know, the usual.

New Type of Minis

Aren’t these the cutest? I cannot believe people have the patience to make things so tiny in such detail. Click on the images for more info. Have a great weekend all!

Rescue Japan Winners

Congrats to Debbie McLaney our Community winner. What Camille Styles had to say ” I’m really drawn to the balanced feel of this room. The white used throughout provides a feeling of serenity, while the red rug in the center grounds the entire room.”

Congrats to Drilllady our Full House winner. Comments “The touches of red in each room of the house provide a great feeling of consistency. There’s a fantastic sense of flow throughout the spaces, but every room has a little surprise that gives it just enough character.”

Congrats to Flitsj our Single Room winner. “Gazing at this space makes me want to run a hot bath and camp out for the day! There’s such a feeling of serenity and balance in the space, and I love how the designer gave a nod to Japan through the Asian-inspired simplicity of the room.” Camille noted.

All of our winners will have a donation made in their name to Global Giving to help aid the tragedy in Japan. Thank you all for participating and as always our thoughts are with the people of Japan.