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Miss Antoinette Inspired

Marie Antoinette – not only a fashion icon but a lavish hostess who spared no expense when it came to her guest and their fun. Sometimes don’t you want to fill your house with a multitude of candles, sparkling crystal and dance till dawn? Who wouldn’t? The Ladies in Waiting plates are such a fun reminder of the experimental period in costume and hair and the “eat cake” print is just so fun. There are so many styles of the ‘ keep calm’ now! (check it)


Daily Dishes

Be you an amazing at home chef or a take out queen your plates get exercised on the regular. Daily dish ware should be a thought out purchase.  Mixing colors with patterns  gives you more options when planning your table. I love this collection from YLiving. The pattern has a great ‘old world’ feel and the muted colors give it a great contemporary vibe.

Questions to ask yourself when on the hunt:

Are these dishes:

  • Versatile: Some crazy color or pattern might catch your eye and give you momentary lust but think of the repeat value. Will you be able to stand that neon pink plate in 6 months?
  • Durable:  Lets face it, between the dishwasher, microwave and guests there is going to be a broken bowl at some point. Find something that will stand a little scrubbing
  • Easy to Replace:  Make sure that your collection isn’t a limited edition. There is nothing more frustrating trying to replace a fallen comrade and discovering that they are no longer made.

Tip: If you find something you adore write down the store, color, model and when you got it in a designated design notebook. Other things that would be helpful in such notebook- paint colors.