Gothic n’ Exotic Design Winners

Congrats J W, winner of the Fleece Leopard Blanket from Fine Linen and Bath!

Words form The Decorista herself

This house is just so well thought out, when I think of Gothic, I think of every detail as being so intricate and JW really hit nail on the head. So detailed and very well executed. I think JW did a fantastic job!

A round of applause is also instore for our 4 finalist and our Community Favorite.

Updated Bedroom by Aprille

“She did a marvelous job at using green and black which can be hard to pull off.”

Ultra Modern Living Room by PattiPatti


“This is straight out of a magazine. Fabulous job!”

Red Gothic n' Exotic by Red

“Red did a really romantic and light spin on gotchic that i thought was a refreshing twist on this look. very pretty!”

Jasmine Bengal Room by J w


“Now this again, was supremely well executed for an exotic room. The monotone look of bengal was gorgeous!”

Community Winner- Gothic/Exotic Beach by Kristib

Thanks all for participating! We have more tricks up our sleeves- don’t worry.





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