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Rain boots and Flowers

With Spring quickly approaching beautiful blooms are popping up everywhere. Even if it’s not on the trees themselves, I’m finding it more important to have fresh flowers in my house to cheer me out of the winter blues. I love the idea of using an old pair of rain boots for a vase or even a planter ( if you drill holes in the bottom). What do you think?


Pool House Winners

Winner: Crysdawn “Our New Jacuzzi for the Pool House”

The neural colors of this room really let the blue ocean shine through. The different hues and textures of the wood really give it depth. And of course you need a pile of fresh fruit to keep your energy up. Great job.

Lu-Anne “Pool House Fun”

What a cool, fun room. Lots of bright colors to keep the energy going. The flooring is one of my favorite touches. Of course you need a supply of surf boards if you are living on the beach.

mountainalive “Blue Pool House”

Blue like the ocean, white like the clouds. This room is so chic.  I love the addition on the different throw pillows and the dark brown of the chairs really gives it elegance.

DDH Community winner: photo513 “Patriotic Pool House”

Simple, fresh and clean. Great use of the different hues of blue with pops of ruby-red pillows.  I love that there are a lot of different sitting areas. Great for entertaining.

Congrats to all the winners and thank you all for participating.

Indoor Picnic Winners

Grand Prize Winner  Meegha “Rainy Day Picnic”

What a fun little picnic for two! Great way to beat the rain. I love all the flower bouquets bringing the outside in. The red wallpaper is a bold choice but makes it welcoming. Very cute!

Single Room Beach Winner salete “picnique gostoso”

Breezy and relaxing picnic! You almost feel like you are sitting on the beach or in a forest with all those trees. The furniture placement really brings the room together.

Single Room Victorian Winner Lu Anne “Fireside Picnic”

Quite and quant. Love the light colors with touches of rose and purple. The warm colors from the fire and hardwood floors really gives it a homey feel. As well as the lace curtains.

DDH Community Winner cathyritz “Picnic in the Solarium”

Bright and cheerful room! Love the combo of the yellows and greens in the floor paint and window treatment. The pops of red balance out the room nicely! Looks like a fun meal.

Congrats to all the winners! 

Dinner Party for 6 winners

DDH Community winner “A Spring Celebration” by mountainalive

” Enjoying a fresh spring meal with the ocean breeze hitting your face is the dream.  The little details of the room really make it shine – the double curtains, use of fresh flowers and the pop of green plates. ” 

Victorian single room winner Crysdawn

“I love the modern take in a classic house. The red really brings the room to life.  Having sweets in the corner really make you want to eat all your dinner!”

Single beach winner  “Stylish Dinner for 6”

“Textures and layering are used very well in this room. Creative use of the  of wall-coverings and frames gives real depth. Love the use of neutrals”

Grand Prize winner of Agave Pitcher is leahdr21

“An intimate dining experience. I love the contrast between the burnt orange tile floor and the salmon colored rug. It works so well together. The nontraditional use of dining chairs gives it more of a relaxed vibe.”

Congrats to all the winners! We have a fun prize to giveaway next week. Stay tuned!

Rescue Japan Winners

Congrats to Debbie McLaney our Community winner. What Camille Styles had to say ” I’m really drawn to the balanced feel of this room. The white used throughout provides a feeling of serenity, while the red rug in the center grounds the entire room.”

Congrats to Drilllady our Full House winner. Comments “The touches of red in each room of the house provide a great feeling of consistency. There’s a fantastic sense of flow throughout the spaces, but every room has a little surprise that gives it just enough character.”

Congrats to Flitsj our Single Room winner. “Gazing at this space makes me want to run a hot bath and camp out for the day! There’s such a feeling of serenity and balance in the space, and I love how the designer gave a nod to Japan through the Asian-inspired simplicity of the room.” Camille noted.

All of our winners will have a donation made in their name to Global Giving to help aid the tragedy in Japan. Thank you all for participating and as always our thoughts are with the people of Japan.