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Double Sink

Oh the luxury of the double sink. Is there any better invention in the master bathroom?  One can dream can’t they? Make your own double sink bathroom on DreamHouse Designer. It’s free!

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Blog of the Moment: Coco+Kelley

The over all amazing lifestyle blog Coco + Kelley is no doubt  a staple or most peoples blog roll but I still needed to give it some love for being such a pot of inspiration.

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Cassandra and her contributors are on the pulse of design and they keep me on my toes. How do you not love that scarf? Or even that throw?

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Cassandra at a Lifestyle Blogger conference that she was speaking at.  She is so sweet. One thing that she said that really stuck with me was ‘You get back what you put in’. As in putting yourself out and see what comes of it. Such great advice. Check her blog often because she updates a lot!

Down Under with Ivy & Piper

Anyone sick of the cold yet? Really.. it just started! Well- to get a good spring fix check out Ivy & Piper an Australian online magazine of inspiring interiors, lifestyle products and fashion.

Their debut issue -launched in early November- is a fresh, colorful inspirational read. I found many new international designers and bloggers that will research more. Enjoy everyone! Hope to see their next issue soon.

Blog of the moment- Imagine

Jami Goldsmith loves to imagine, design and blog and she is amazing at all three. This weeks blog of the moment is Imagine Design Blog.  Everyday she brings fresh ideas to the table in a wonderfully colorful unexpectd way.

Gold Collection- Click to read more

This Gold collection is an example of her Fresh Fridays… those corn cob salt pepper shakers would be great for an upcoming holiday!

Sneek Peek at some of her Design -Click to see more

Don’t you just love the lighting fixture? Jami is our Guest Judge for our Pillow Party contest. Check her out and comment on your favorite posts!


Blog of the Moment- City Sage

Anne Sage is one busy gal, not only does she write her blog  The City Sage but she is a co-founder /executive editor of the rad online Rue Magazine. Her posts are color coordinated, thought out and idea provoking.  Anne’s personality comes through the screen- plus she is super cute. You will want to make her your new BFF.

From the Lauren Moffatt post

Check it out. I know you will not be disappointed.