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Rain boots and Flowers

With Spring quickly approaching beautiful blooms are popping up everywhere. Even if it’s not on the trees themselves, I’m finding it more important to have fresh flowers in my house to cheer me out of the winter blues. I love the idea of using an old pair of rain boots for a vase or even a planter ( if you drill holes in the bottom). What do you think?


Blog of the Moment: Coco+Kelley

The over all amazing lifestyle blog Coco + Kelley is no doubt  a staple or most peoples blog roll but I still needed to give it some love for being such a pot of inspiration.

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Cassandra and her contributors are on the pulse of design and they keep me on my toes. How do you not love that scarf? Or even that throw?

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Cassandra at a Lifestyle Blogger conference that she was speaking at.  She is so sweet. One thing that she said that really stuck with me was ‘You get back what you put in’. As in putting yourself out and see what comes of it. Such great advice. Check her blog often because she updates a lot!

Blog of the Moment: Housewife Bliss

This amazing blog has so many unique things to share – crafts, design, entertaining – overwhelmed? Do not  be concerned – author Caryanne Ettine has become a sought after lifestyle consultant and her site is clean, refreshing and easy to navigate.

I love this idea. Gives your drinks a little somthin’ somthin’. Check them out! Let me know what you think.

Blog of the Moment: Compai

COMPAI is a fresh lifestyle blog covers just about anything design related, with a focus on up-cycling fashion and interior accessories. Justina and Faith founded this company along with a series of books helping you out 99 ways at a time. Find other DIY projects that cost little and are done quickly. Double score. These ladies help concur  the boring old everyday and making it new and original.

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You ask what about this blog grabbed me and left me thinking of them for days? This amazing ottoman – I truly love the internet and bloggers. There is so much out there and I don’t have time to find it all! Thanks to everyone over at Compai!



Blog of the moment- The Fabric of my Life

Miss Kate Baxter from the fabric of my life won me over with this collage of winter wonderland photo finds

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Right now she is doing a series of gift collages for either the boho traveler or the literary lover. Check her out and show her some love. I wonder what she will do next.