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Rain boots and Flowers

With Spring quickly approaching beautiful blooms are popping up everywhere. Even if it’s not on the trees themselves, I’m finding it more important to have fresh flowers in my house to cheer me out of the winter blues. I love the idea of using an old pair of rain boots for a vase or even a planter ( if you drill holes in the bottom). What do you think?


Plant a bee garden

Lets help our food pollinators out by planting flowers that they love! Click here to find out more details about why these.

Picnic for Two

Spring is on it’s way and all I want to do is spend lazy afternoons outside. Looking at puffy clouds  laying on this cozy blanket. With lunch packed there would be nothing forgotten in this handy basket for two. And what picnic would be complete without a Fitzsu thermos filled with strong coffee?

Source picture unknown. Anyone have a clue?